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Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Lum wrote:Yes, yes, is a difference of course :D
Considering JS initially gave an estimated date of delivery of September 2013 I assumed (wrongly as it turned out) that the groundwork had been completed. We are talking about a seasoned professional composer in this instance and if anyone should know about projects and the time involved in delivering the finished product it would be a professional composer of games music.

I get tired of hearing the excuses made for the man. :P

In the case of JP I can understand the delays and forgive a certain naivety of the project creator. It's a truly awesome vision/dream the coding warrior wanted to tackle and with lack of experience it's hardly surprising that he got it wrong.

Both need to keep their backers and supporters informed, Lum. :angel:

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

An interesting development has occurred with Jeremy now making fairly in-depth comments in the Comments section of the KS site. He still seems very keen to deliver an outstanding composition so I feel a little happier concerning my donation to this project. I can only wish him well in his progression towards the finished symphony. :)

I still have reservations concerning pledging towards this type of project in the future though. :angel:

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Lum wrote:I think the main issue was the amount of money pledged in the KS. He wanted to make a 4-movement piece and moved to a 12-movement one because of the enormous funding... Maybe the deadline was meant for the 4-m, not for the 12-m? Ignorance at working here :oops: :mrgreen:
That's fair comment, Lum. He did move the goalposts after getting some tremendous support from the backers.

I'm at the same stage in this project as I am with Limit Theory now. I know they are both going to happen, I'm just not sure when. :angel:

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