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Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Victor Tombs wrote:
Dinosawer wrote:I did read it :) A CD by Jeremy Soule has a fair chance of ending up in my music library when it's out :D
I wasn't aware that you had any interest in the music of Jeremy Soule, Dinosawer. :angel: I tend to forget at times that LT is a broad church as far as interests are concerned. I too am looking forward to playing one of my Symphony CD's for the first time. Being as it is such a personal project from JS I'm expecting it to be a very special composition. :D
Is it possible to play TES and not become a fan of JS's music? ;)
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Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

:D I don't think it's possible to play TES and not fall hopelessly in love with the music of Jeremy Soule but he's bloody hopeless at running a KS. :angel:

Unfortunately there is nothing to listen to from the work he is doing on The Northerner. It's one of the problems the backers have with the project combined with the lack of reliable update information and a good few broken promises.

Still, I am optimistic that the musical maestro will deliver a composition of power and sublime beauty. :D

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

HowSerendipitous wrote:Well then..... :clap:
I'm catching up on my backlog of places to visit, HowSerendipitous. ;) Your "well then" says it all really. A short snippet of what I know will be a majestic composition. I'm so pleased that JS has decided to start sharing his project with those who cared deeply enough to give him the funds he needed to complete this awesome undertaking. :D I have to say I'm excited about this new regular and more consistent approach to sharing Jeremy has decided to implement.

The music never fails to bring joy. :angel:

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