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Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

The backers of The Northerner have just received this update from Jeremy Soule:

"Tomorrow, Malukah is in the studio and is recording for The Northerner. We are recording what are called "vocal pre-lays" that will be what the orchestra tunes to for the final recordings. More updates soon! -JS"

I am one of Malukah's fans and this is good news but this update is woefully inadequate when it comes to answering the major questions that are being raised by backers. The agency handling the business end of the project seem to be a bunch of amateurs who have little idea of what is required by supporters of this kind of venture. At this rate I could be dead from natural causes before this project finally bears fruit. :x

I know I have been spoilt by the professional way that Josh Parnell has conducted himself in regards to Limit Theory. It's a shame there are not more like him. :)

Seeing as the previous update was a month ago I am not holding my breath for the next one. We were promised so much more than this. :(

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

I was beginning to despair but Jeremy has finally remembered the backers who made this project possible and posted a rather good update. :D

JS gives every indication that he intends making this a weekly event. I reserve judgement as this isn't the first time we have been promised regular "real" updates. But if he follows through this could still be a most enjoyable end to what has been a distinctly disappointing KS.

I could supply a link but quite frankly I would be surprised if anyone apart from HowSerendipitous (A squirrel with impeccable taste) bothers to read this. :angel:

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Dinosawer wrote:I did read it :) A CD by Jeremy Soule has a fair chance of ending up in my music library when it's out :D
I wasn't aware that you had any interest in the music of Jeremy Soule, Dinosawer. :angel: I tend to forget at times that LT is a broad church as far as interests are concerned. I too am looking forward to playing one of my Symphony CD's for the first time. Being as it is such a personal project from JS I'm expecting it to be a very special composition. :D

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