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Re: Books!

I've been informed that the second book in Nicci Chronicles by Terry Goodkind, "Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness" has been released in audio format and is on its way to me. :D

:shifty: I really need to listen to "Death's Mistress" the first book in the series which is still in its sealed wrapping on my desk. :oops:

Re: Books!

Talking about books I've got a space orientated recommendation.

My first one would be the Bobiverse trilogy starting with the lovely title "We Are Legion (We Are Bob)". It's got spaceships that replicate via 3d printers and who's job is to spread out and prepare the galaxy for mankind. Oh and the ships got their ai from uploading the mind of a programmer who's name is / was Bob.

I had a lot of laughs out of it and it was a fun read. I'm hoping for some spin-off books / stories as the setting has a lot more that can be done with it.

There's a lot more books I'd recommend but for now I'll stick with shilling one of them. Has anyone else read this yet btw? It was a pretty nice follow up after reading The Martian as the humor is pretty similar.

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