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Re: Tesla Bot

You are aware that this is a joke, and if he is serious, he'll be decades before he gets anywhere with it.
The "robot" was a guy in a dumb suit.
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Re: Tesla Bot

zircher wrote:
Thu Aug 26, 2021 7:53 am
I suspect part of the joke will be some time in the future that Tesla bot will show up again and dance, but it won't be a dude in a suit. Elon's humor kind of runs that way.
That's how he presented it. It seems to be an actual project he is working on.

Like all his other projects, he's just refining existing and proven tech and making it attainable by average Joe Blow.

Now, Elon is big on being the show man. He's also big on over selling things. Not because he's lying, but because his nature is to aim really high because maybe some things are possible if you put a ton of effort into it, and if you failed at least you tried. He got a ton of flack for his self driving cars and rocket ships, both are now successful. So Elon has earned some slack in my books.

His other projects.. well.. The Boring Company is probably not going anywhere. Neural Link has shown some massive progress in animals, but will realistically only ever be used for helping people with disabilities rather than turning us all into cyborgs, at least in the next hundred years anyways.

Tesla Bot will probably be much different in the end, but again, if anyone can do it, it's Elon.
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