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Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Thank you, guys! Much love to you all! <3

Update: So, I was a long time lurker here. Registered for this, read different posts on topics in the forum. But never wrote anything. And the mess I left on this forum until now all began with my post on the "SHA-1 officially broken" topic. And from then on it went downwards.

That first post of mine was the 4th of march this year. Since then I made 708 post here, most of them in the "Everything & Anything" board.

And I don't plan to stop soon. So, thank you all for bearing with me. And I hope I won't annoy you with my Janardos. :D
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Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Hema wrote:Happy birthday Detritus, e30m and Henrique Vignon!

Here, have some kittens.
Aww... good, each person can have two kittens. Unless neither of the other two people who got a year closer to death do anything, in which case I get all six. :ghost:
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