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Re: Scale

Well, with that in mind, those particular ships look like they'd be good as gunboats or freighters. I think Josh ought to keep whatever spawned those in the game.

Re: Scale

The size and shapes of the ships appears to depend a lot on how the universe generates. The "fighters" in the most recent tech demo really looked more like freighters or transports due to their length.

Re: artifacts

Some sort of costly as hell minerals like diamond would be cool, but just a bunch of instant win artifacts that only you can find sounds like it is against the game. I could imagine like, if you found a city and they start mining they find alien ruins or something and that is a game changer but not...

Re: Super Weapons?

I prefer a siege style weapons for taking on stations and capital ships. A trebuchet will take out a fortress eventually, but it is far from an instant win. The Discovery Mod for Freelancer has implemented a weapon called the Mortar for heavy capital assault. It basically launches a big ball of ene...

Re: Damage to Ships

Towing as a mechanic itself would potentially allow for salvage and rescue missions in addition to your typical space game fare: assassination, cargo collection (killing an NPC and taking the cargo back to a waypoint), fugitive capture (a variant on the former, where you collect an escape pod), tran...

Re: Economy and Crafting?

re-learn the positions of the planets/sun/fields/clouds/stations every time you re-enter a system. This is not what procedural generation means. You completely missed the point of what I was talking about. from everything ive been able to read everything in LT will be both procedurally generated an...

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