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Re: Economy and Crafting?

Well, I favor the idea of an auto-overwrite save system like Minecraft, but I understand that many people prefer the ability to save in different slots. Regarding the punishments for smuggling, though, I think it ought to be a fine the first few times and ship impoundment afterwards. And if you get ...

Re: Scale

Or if you want a ship to be multi-role, it should be super expensive.
For example, if I want to snipe fighters in my massive battleship, the gun (with a really high projectile speed and refire rate) would need to drain my ship's powercore much faster than the standard capital ship guns.

Re: Artifacts

I understand this. Regarding the artifacts themselves, what if they were old or top secret weapons/equipment on wrecked ships throughout the galaxy, in addition to the collectibles already mentioned? Such weapons could have randomized stats, meaning some will be really terrible (outdated, ancient, b...

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