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Re: Development Logs

Can you also post pictures sometimes (like once a week) to show the progress as well as us reading about it? That would be here , at the Development blog. You might take a peek at the Limit Theory YouTube page from time to time, too. But remember, the more time he spends showing us stuff on the int...

Re: Predefined sectors

But it isn't you, it's a ship. Not everyone in the galaxy gets their own personalized ship. So really, who cares if the player gets something special? This game is about individuality, player freedom, and the idea that there are no boundaries. Why give yourself the limitation of having to fly in a ...

Re: Time acceleration vs. super cruise / in-system jumps

The fact that Limit Theory's engine would need a significant rewrite more or less renders the time acceleration/multiplayer conflict a moot point.
However, I am still in favor of a cruising system. I prefer the idea of the universe operating at its normal pace even if I'm zipping about at high speed.

Re: bosses

Oh, well, bases are already planned to be destructible, and asteroids are capable of providing a spot for a base.

I don't know about a moving ship, though. I guess it just depends on how big it actually becomes.

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