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Re: Time acceleration vs. super cruise / in-system jumps

The fact that Limit Theory's engine would need a significant rewrite more or less renders the time acceleration/multiplayer conflict a moot point.
However, I am still in favor of a cruising system. I prefer the idea of the universe operating at its normal pace even if I'm zipping about at high speed.

Re: bosses

Oh, well, bases are already planned to be destructible, and asteroids are capable of providing a spot for a base.

I don't know about a moving ship, though. I guess it just depends on how big it actually becomes.

Re: Predefined sectors

Why shouldn't we? With appropriate resources, I'm sure a spacer would be able to furnish the construction of a ship of his own design. The ship creator option (which Josh has already implemented, as seen in the tech demos) might not be available from the start of the game, but I imagine that with th...

Re: Player Progression Rate and Time Investment

As much as I like the idea of player freedom, I don't think the player should have control over too many of the constants in the game's algorithms. It's more code work for Josh to do and it just seems kinda cheap. You can already do whatever you want, but why not work for it a little bit? It's the d...

Re: Escorting Ships

I don't think the pathfinding will be a huge issue, given that it's all in wide-open space. A simple fix would be to scale the convoy's strength and speed to that of the player like the enemies' would be, but in order to make it a challenge, drop a few extra ships on the enemy side. While we're disc...

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