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Re: Stellaris

That would be super great! Unfortunately I have a ton of homework due tonight, so I won't be able to join in unless I finish it up, which I can PROBABLY do, but I'm sure you all know how that goes. What time zone are you guys in, and what time were you planning on playing?

Re: Shallow Space

I think he intended to follow through as well- I'm just suprised he hasn't said "sorry folks, I can't continue on this right now." He seemed like he had been trying to be honest with his customers and such. I actually hope he is alright and that something hasn't happened to him.

Re: Shallow Space

Added to my list of early access burns. Maybe this one will prevent me from buying into these things in the future? The developer just seemed like he was active enough to trust in, and I really would like an open world Homeworld style game at some point. Playing HW Complex on a really huge map isn't...

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