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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

TheMainMethod wrote:
Thu May 10, 2018 10:01 am
I’ve been thinking and I want to completely change my character, like background and all. Is allowed? (Don’t be too mad Tal! I’ll change the wiki if you want me too!)
all is good until you start actually playing
(and the edits dont move your char out of the "allowed at all" zone)

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

on the civilian stuff you should definitely stay with railguns. pirates get scared when they take hull/component damage. and railguns are good at doing that through shields :D other weapons that need to defeat shields have far lower scare away capability because they do no actual damage to the pirat...

Re: Mod Ideas

tbf i totally expect all the stuff thats visible on your screen to be filtered by your sensors regardless. If your sensors cant see it, why should you? The recent innovation of flow networks for the economy may have another place in this stellar drift How would the way AIs reason about market moveme...

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