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Re: Ultra-High-Quality Monthly Update Video Torrents

Just at the right time for me to use my new homeserver as Seed :3 Spank you Cornflakes! :) :thumbup: My mind went weird places when I read this. :oops: :mrgreen: lol and omg - I only downloaded it tonight, and already I'm at 1.0 ratio. To celebrate, I'll leave my computer seeding for 99 hours for a...

Re: Linux Scripting

It's good that you're getting into bash, there's all varieties of it and similar things in linux you'll find and enjoy. If you're looking for other people to post their scripts or comment on yours you should ask for that; it's likely you haven't received any responses (ninjad by Magus while typing)...

Linux Scripting

Hey all, I'd like to know what scripts everyone likes to use and finds useful on a day-to-day basis. I've 13 years of batch scripting in DOS that I want to port over to Linux, so any pointers/examples would be greatly appreciated. :) Here's an example of a script that started with a simple for i in ...

Re: Hardware

I was so looking forward to X-Rebirth, I went out and bought a beast of a rig. This picture shows the core aspect of the rig, with some noteable changes: Case is now an NZXT Phantom 530 Full Tower Gaming Case - Red:

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