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Rick and Morty

Wow. Just wow. If anyone is new to the planet, Rick and Morty is probably the best thing to hit TV (who actually watches TV any more?) since, well anything. Season 2 ended last year and the population of earth has been waiting for season 3 since then. The creators gave no exact date and even created...

Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

The trouble with EA, I think, is that most people aren't piecing the puzzle together. "EA is where game studios go to die" doesn't seem to be a thought that crosses many minds... or else they wouldn't let EA buy them.,fl_progress...

Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Outdated? They just explained the whole ME:A debacle - before it ever happened, and certainly before I had any idea it would happen. Very good link, Zanteogo. Also, now I'm reading your posts in Miller's voice. You do know it's not actually them right? ;) Their points and information is correct tho...

Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

When I look at the two faces side by side I wonder if the "big head, big eyes" was supposed to make the characters more appealing to the Anime crowd? As someone who regularly watches anime, nope nope nope. (they didn't change the size of the eyes, and besides, the style doesn't work for realistic 3...

Re: Pine

JanB1 wrote:
Man. YOu really know how to lower someones expectations... :(
Sorry. ;)

I just have seen this very same thing be attempted before, and the end result is almost always is the same.

Lets keep our fingers crossed I guess?

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