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Re: Yet another random Silver program thing

Yes, this is really nice. And with clusters, you can have those choke-points, that add a lot to the "story" of the topography of the map. I think in Eve they used a similar approach, where they added some long-range connections manually. And having the option to insert long range connections / hyper...

Re: Yet another random Silver program thing

Nice, how many systems do you have here? Suggestion: combine several clusters (like 2 or 3 with offset centers) for the initial star-distribution. This makes for a more interesting topography, having several "galactic hubs", with more empty space between them.

Re: Minefields

In warfare, the purpose of mines (mine-fields) is not to actually go off and kill enemies, but for posing a threat and blocking paths, thus funneling the enemy into moving a certain way or protecting a flank / position. That would work well in space, where otherwise enemies have a much larger (3 dim...

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