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Re: CyberPunk 2077

I think the voice actors overdo it with the "cool".
When everyone tries to act "overcool", then it feels pressed.
In GTA5 for example, the was a much larger range of personality in voice acting, making the characters more interesting, and giving more options to present them.

Re: Nervous

If this thread makes Josh convert LT to a 64kb game, it would have been quite productive. Imagine that: a whole complex procedural space game in 64kb: that would get some media attention! For interest: here is the sourcecode of kkrieger (a 96kb game) by farbrausch

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

MY PC BOOTS, HAS WINDOWS, AND HAS GAMES! Freaking finally! (Another happy customer) "Please plug in cable according to instruction, and press power button to turn on co...

Re: Nervous

and end up having the entire game run from a single 3 kilobyte file that contains everything. :ghost: 3 kb is quite a challange... Ive made a little 3D space flight sim once, with the ship chasing trough canyons and caves of different planets. But that was in 4kb. But a game with graphics like LT a...


The only problem: I dont see another way than using a nuclear heater to power the melt down. Anything powered electrically or mechanical would require a huge (mobile) platform. (cost) Might only be viable when humans can land there and operate the drill. But having a nuclear probe left behind is pro...


If the top is ice all the way through, they could build a rover with an drop-drone on a cable with a (radioactive decay) powered "melting-head". The cable needs to be heated too, to keep sliding down / or is released from the drone itself (probably easier). Sounds much more doable than a similar mis...

Re: Josh's Next Project

Josh should make middleware, not another neverending gameproject. Node-programming, procedural asset generation, dynamic topography (maching cubes), texture generation, etc something of that kind, licensed to game companies or sold as plugins for 3D software or engines. ..or join a company that need...

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