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Re: Star Citizen

I believe there's a difference between canceling and postponing, SonofDerek.. oops...I mean ResultsMayDiffer. :mrgreen: And you continue to be obnoxious. What is your problem? Personally, I couldn't give a monkeys about what you have to say but at least get your "facts" right. :angel: I was wonderi...

Re: Limit Theory PAX Demo 2018 Suggestions Thread

An escort mission where the player must defend a larger ship while flying a nimble fighter. As every wave is completed the player is given the opportunity to choose one upgrade for their own ship as well as one for the ship being defended. As mentioned in the other topic, rewards such as new or addi...

Re: Star Citizen

Silverware wrote:
Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:44 pm
Talvieno wrote:
Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:35 pm
I typically don't trust anything with the name "Derek Smart", just like I don't trust anything with the name "Sean Murray".
Or "Donald Trump" :V
Or "Insert all political peoples here"

Except for Kim. People really respect his opinion. :ghost:

Re: Star Citizen Star Citizen: Masterpiece or Scam? Today we discuss the lawsuits surrounding the controversial game. Why are so many backers demanding refunds? Guests include Robin Gething, Michael Nightingale and Kevin Mahoney. You missed one. Derek S...

Re: Market Bubbles

It would be interesting if Limit Theory could be used to teach students why certain regulations help an economy while others hurt it. Or even just have Limit Theory be the test bed for simulating various forums of government and how long each type lasts before burning out. Then have the ability to a...

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