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Re: Release Date?

BFett wrote:
Not Zanteogo wrote:
DigitalDuck wrote: Fun fact: Fauntleroy is Donald Duck's middle name.
What is mini's? thanks.

l you
Her full name is Minerva "Minnie" Mouse, so Minnie would be Minnie's middle name.
No, that's a title. Hence the quotes.

Re: Dr. Dinosawer answers all your questions on physics

What's the difference between a coilgun, a railgun, and a Gauss cannon? --IronDuke Coilgun = Gauss cannon, I believe. A coilgun is a set of electromagnets which accelerate the projectile through magnetic attraction, while a railgun is a pair of rails which accelerates a projectile through the Loren...

Re: Thanks for abandoning your backers and supporters, Josh

I think we should start a subforum for "complaining about/to Josh." I feel the need has been demonstrated, given the number of individual threads on this topic. That way, folks like Silver don't have to read these threads, or even their titles. If Josh wants to know how much his policy sucks, he can...

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