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Re: Pre-ordering games

I've never pre-ordered a game. I've backed several crowdfunded games, but I'm not backing any more until all the ones I've backed have been released. So far, I've backed Limit Theory, Hiveswap (Homestuck Adventure Game), Armikrog, Star Citizen, and Obduction. Armikrog was released, and it's garbage....

Re: Limit Theory Forumite Residential Archive Map

Having added myself, Virginia appears to have the most representation of any state at the moment. I just realized that this map could be fairly handy in planning out a road trip to make our way to Louisiana for the launch. Already it looks like taking I-81 with a few detours could make it quite an i...

Re: Noticed we're almost done with June and don't have a May or June update. Dark Ages once more?

We still have a third of June left; hardly "almost done". The Kickstarter page has always moved slowly, and with the addition of two programmers to the LT team, you can expect there to be a hiccup in the posting schedule, as it's probably going to be more in-depth. (We might even have input from the...

Re: Steam Achievements

I like achievements when they're optional, difficult tasks. The ones that just mark milestones in the standard progression of the game are a little silly. Exception made for "The Part Where He Kills You Now" in Portal 2, which was very silly, but clearly intended to be a joke. Because Limit Theory a...


Dinosawer wrote:You could, and someone did before, but you don't visit irc enough to maintain it, so it'd probably just end up being down all the time, like the previous one.
I would just run it on an EC2 instance in a bash script that restarts it if it hits an error. Problem solved.

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