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Re: Economy and Crafting?

re-learn the positions of the planets/sun/fields/clouds/stations every time you re-enter a system. This is not what procedural generation means. You completely missed the point of what I was talking about. from everything ive been able to read everything in LT will be both procedurally generated an...

Re: Procedurally generated building materials

having to learn our own periodic table was a menace for me to begin with much less learn a new table each time i form a new game world. and take that a step futher to have to learn the combinations that make useful alloys and the new trade values would make me want to shoot something. and with proc...

Re: Free riders

Demetrius wrote: So are you more talking about a AI controlled "faction, clan or just a group of peeps" that are just cruising the universe to see if theres anything that they could do really quick to earn some easy money?
Why couldn't we have all three?

Re: What about dropping Mines or Bombs during "dogfights"

I smell a derail coming and dont like it. the OP was 'What about dropping Mines or Bombs during "dogfights" Actually, that derailment happened a long time ago. About 80% (probably more; I haven't counted) of the posts in this thread have nothing whatsoever to do with the OP's idea of dropping a sho...

Re: What about dropping Mines or Bombs during "dogfights"

Stationary mines were commonly used in Freelancer to guard jump gates, jump holes, and stations, but they were "dumb" mines in that they didn't recognize friend from foe. Which I think would be the way to go with stationary mines. You can use them to create a choke point around a base or a jump gate...

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