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Re: What about dropping Mines or Bombs during "dogfights"

Stationary mines were commonly used in Freelancer to guard jump gates, jump holes, and stations, but they were "dumb" mines in that they didn't recognize friend from foe. Which I think would be the way to go with stationary mines. You can use them to create a choke point around a base or a jump gate...

Re: Procedurally generated building materials

Also, I'm not sure whether I'm keen on procedurally generated resource names. They tend to be hard to memorize and/or not very informative as far as the intended use of the stuff goes. I prefer to deal with generically titled goods like "Electronics", "Precious Metals" and "Slaves" instead of Lette...

Re: Banking/Insurance

Well, unless the game saves like Minecraft. Then insurance would be useful. And it would also contribute to making the universe more persistent while the player character might be more ephemeral. After all, the mortality rate of humans (and presumably all the aliens out there) is significantly short...

Re: Dynamic Asteroids

In which case having a few kilometers between asteroids seems a reasonable middle-ground between space-rockslide and near-empty space. Asteroids should be spaced well-enough to allow for combat (albeit with different strategies) AND to allow for not-pain-in-the-neck mining.

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