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Re: XCom 2

Strangely I seem to be doing better with Long War on than in the vanilla game, 4 or 5 missions now, most flawless or up to 2 hits, no casualties. Going well so far, still wish there was a way to choose your class instead of it being randomly assigned and having to put them in the AWC for retraining.

Re: Stellaris

Yea I just thought it was earlier since the first match I played with a friend, I played as the Gallente Federation, and I must have gotten it early on because of their traits or something

Re: Stellaris

Well I sat down and played it with a friend and this time I actually started understanding things more. I still think the AI expands a bit too quickly and its hard to form a federation (I have like 10 planets now and still no federation research :evil: ) but I am enjoying myself. I have an immense a...

Re: EVE Online

In other corp news, it seems that CCP itself may be looking for buyers . My guess: they sell out to China's Tencent. That is very saddening to hear. This game is very unique and most other companies would be trying to redo it for the worse trying to make a quick buck and it would drop player number...

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