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Re: Stellaris

Oh I have them, but I have like 12 factions I told it to randomly choose from, but only told it to put 6 or so AIs into the game when I started. Its just not one of the ones it chose I guess.

Re: Stellaris

Did you get that by setting up each race individually and then telling the game to only use player made factions? Yep, just set all the custom factions to force spawn, then even if you tell it to use less AIs in a match than you have force spawned empires, it will randomly choose from the force spa...

Re: Skyrim

I completely understand real life taking priority over their modding time. Maybe if they realize it is going to take many more months to do (or they can't do it at all anymore) they can release what they have to the modding community and see if another couple groups of people could get out a working...

Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

In the case listed, Watch Dogs had dumbed down graphics from the E3 videos they were shown, but on PC you can re-enable them. They just disabled them globally because they didn't want the console players to feel like their version was inferior :roll: And AC: Unity was a glitch filled super laggy mes...

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