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Re: Collisions and bumping away from objects

I just understood something: the asteroids are static, so if I have a capital ship, it would bumb into the way smaller asteroids and I couldn't go through asteroid fields. That depends on the asteroid field's density as well. Personally, I think that in the dev videos so far, the asteroids are much...

Re: Endless Word Ladders: A Game.

Katawa wrote:
Commander McLane wrote:(almost too obvious)
And yet it took days.
I wasn't online for days, or it would've happened much sooner.

Hurracane wrote:Farms
"Farms" was used just four posts above. It doesn't even take a search to find that out.

So we're back to Katawa's "Marms".

And from there we get to:

Swarm :mrgreen:

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