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Re: Post Your Favorite Sci-Fi Concept Art

Came across these after installing Netrunner O/S on a resurrected laptop: (anyone else use Netrunner for gaming?) And thanks ...

Re: CTRL - V

<snip> Making my eyes hurt with lack of whitespace? :lol: :D If there were whitespaces in there, it wouldn't do what DWMagus correctly surmised (and he wins a lollipop). Copying files (listed in dirs.txt) from C:\ up to a server into a folder named after the PC name and generating a report using th...

Re: CTRL - V

for /f %I IN (dirs.txt) do (robocopy c:\%I \\%SERVERNAME%\%SHARENAME%\%STORENAME%\%PCNAME%\_%I *.* /e /r:0 /w:0 /reg /log+:\\%SERVERNAME%\%SHARENAME%\%STORENAME%\%PCNAME%\REPORT-%I.txt)

Loving my scripting atm, anyone care to guess what it's doing? :geek: :ugeek: :lol:

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