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Re: The End

Star Citizen has exceeded my wildest dreams..... ya, not my cuppa tea, with the plethora of keybinds just to walk around a station... no thanks. Oh and how about someone sharing the Limit Theory prototype EXE? I doubt Josh is gonna come out of the black hole and sue you for sharing. Regardless of h...

Re: Starpoint Gemini 3

BMRX wrote:
Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:50 am
Doesn't seem to be getting the best reviews currently. Will keep an eye out for another sale in the future.
eh.. I got a 40% discount for owning previous versions 2 and 1.

Also, the storyline is obnoxious (which is why there is so much negativity)
Go Freeplay for more fun.

Starpoint Gemini 3

Hi all, tried doing a search for this game, but couldn't find any. If there is, apologies, please merge with same. SG3 has been released, with ver 1.0 as of today! yay Purchasable on either of these (that I know of), with 10% discount htt...

Re: CyberPunk 2077

It appears CDPR worked with Nvidia, and CP2077 will include some ray tracing and DLSS effects to take advantage of the new 30xx GPUs. I wonder when CDPR will update us with the system requirements for running 4k. ...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

I've taken some CS courses, but I'm no longer a CS major, I'm a physics major..... :ghost: My coding experience lately tends to be just basic scripting stuff for personal projects using Python and Lua (and HTML/CSS if that's applicable here). Understanding of programming fundamentals is the most im...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

Six of one and a half dozen of another. [Translation: Yes and no, more like new game with benefits that you have earned.] Going to a new cluster would allow you to do things like keep some favorite characters or vessels, add/subtract mods, change the difficulty, try a shared random seed value, and ...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

One way to approach a limited universe is to borrow from Black and White, when you hit the end game, you open a one-way portal to the next universe and you're allowed to take some of your assets with you to 'seed' your next colony. An infinite universe to explore, just in bite-sized chunks. Seriall...

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