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Re: Movies!

Rogue One was very good. Much better than the trailers suggested. It's much better than TFA. Despite the darker tone, I actually feel like watching this one again, something I can't say about TFA. This movie feels like a war film, not the swashbuckling adventures of the original trilogy. The combat ...

Re: X-Wing Unity Mod

IronDuke wrote:Huh... that's exactly what I'm doing for I-War 2. :wtf: :thumbup: :ghost:
Do you have a vid you can throw up on Youtube?

Also, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I-War isn't owned by a major IP like Disney/LucasArts looking to protect itself.

Re: X-Wing Unity Mod

Huh... that's exactly what I'm doing for I-War 2. :wtf: :thumbup: :ghost: At least this way I can watch them and see if some sort of legal action from whoever owns the rights to the game proves this sort of adventure to be a horrible idea. --IronDuke Since it requires ownership of the original game...

Re: No Man's Sky

The new update looks cool. I won't pay more than $10 for it.

Hope Josh gets around to finishing LT.

Don't worry Josh, you won't get the backlash that NMS got.

1. You're not charging $60.

2. You're actually building a simulation behind the scenes. NMS promised a simulation, then cheated.

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