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I would like to apologize for been so abrasive, I too have personal issues and sometimes I get overwhelmed. I understand that Josh may be extremely concentrated in finishing the first part of this project, but if he has time to answer to someone just because the guy runs a info-site, why and this is...


Keep singing Kumbaya and believe what you want, right now I dont believe a word until Josh has the decency of posting here, he can anwser and e-mail by somebody but cannot take the time to make a quick post here to calm everybody? Whatever, believe whatver you want.

Right now this is just disrespectful

I know, I know I am trying to till the ocean, but anyways, my patience also has a limit, right now Josh owes an apology to all of us who have been part of this community, specially an apology to those who paid to be part of the kickstarter. His lack of response, his lack of respect has passed the li...

Re: Speculations about Josh disappearance (poll)

I understand all your points and we all want this game to come to fruition but the problem is one single issue, lack of communication, if he should post today and says :Guys I am burnt out I need a breather we all can understand that and give him the time he needs to get back on his feet, but no say...

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