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Re: No Man's Sky

To me imho has more good points (if they deliver) than LT, I dont like the fleet action, owning a bunch of ships to attack someone else is something reminiscent of the 80-90s games, not for our time, in this time people enjoy more flying your own ship and joining with others for game play, but above...

Re: Question for Josh

No Mans Sky made planetary resources ( I.E. animals,resources artifacts and can even find new ships on planets) procedural. Even the Devs don't know exactly all the creatures and resources in that game it would take you over 500 billion years to land on every planet in that game if you only took on...

Question for Josh

Have you seen the game No Man's Sky? I think they use the same type of system you have for LT, my question is as follow and please anyone who feel they can contribute post but those who only like speak smack stay the hell out if the only thing you are going to do is criticize. My question is this NM...

Re: No Man's Sky

If I dont remember bad (I am getting old so my memory is fuzzy) there were talks here about some railing type of system to travel? How that compares to NMS where you hit a button and you are there on the planet you selected?

Re: No Man's Sky

I dont think you can do the planet exploration, ancient artifacts, walking on the planet, catalog new species etc in LT as you can do in No Man's Sky. Also in No Man's Sky you can go from one planet to another in seconds no in hours.

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