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Re: No Man's Sky

Amazes me how you pick and choose whatever you want to make your agenda, keep it up buddy and pretty soon you will be promoted to moderator. Open your eyes and stop been a White Knight and smell the roses. There are no roses to smell. Not until the LT beta makes its way out. :ghost: 2 thumbs up to ...

Re: No Man's Sky

I complain in the Limit Theory forums about features of Limit Theory which were always fixed gameplay elements or explicitly not available gamplay elements because some other game does what i would want! Seriously, why are you here? FPS wont come to LT for a long time after release, if it comes at ...

Re: EVE Online

I downloaded the game, first thing research takes like forever, no matter of even hours but days/weeks. Went exploring got blown up by another player, went back to another area blown up by a suicide ship, hit start, program files, delete.

Re: No Man's Sky

I am an explorer and adventurer at heart. The job I always liked and like still today was archaeology and NMS suits me to the perfection, I dont want a freaking fleet with gazillion ships, I want one ship but I dont mind been able to get better upgrades or even a better ship so I can explore more, h...

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