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Re: Forum Upgrade

Hey, sometimes that person you think is a spambot is just someone with a really poor grasp on English. <grins> I was only joshing, as I'm sure you knew. As for identifying them, I've been killing 'bots for so long, I can smell them! I think it's important to have... Agreed. It can save time and has...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

I wish I could find spare parts for new computers lying around, though - that would be awesome. Awesome, yes - but it tends to take up space. Currently, I have three cases, three mobos, three CPUs, three lots of RAM, two PSUs, two GPUs, two monitors, and several HDDs. This machine is obviously comp...

Re: Forum Upgrade

From my profile page:
Information about your computer to help us identify hardware issues. Of special interest are operating system (and if 32/64 bit), RAM, and graphics card. Only moderators and admins can see this field.
Seems a bit odd that it's compulsory, and restricted.

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