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Re: Star Map?

Let's consider the other side of this question. People who play Limit Theory are being asked to use various input control devices to navigate 3-D space to chase and shoot other ships in real time. Is it really that much of a stretch to ask them to also navigate a 3-D star map, especially considering...

Re: twinkling stars

Yep -- the atmospheric effect on point light sources creates the twinkling effect. In astrophotography, it's called "seeing." Still air means better seeing, which means sharper images. A very cool technique now being used by some ground-based observatories is to shine a laser toward the target, and ...

Re: LTP 1.1 Chatter

For what this one additional data point is worth, I found going through the ship ranks to be much faster in LTP v1.1 than v1.0. I can't quite put my finger on why (which is odd). But my feeling is that I had a better idea the second time around of how to stage my ship system purchases versus the dif...

Re: Universe Organization

Good starting point. And then to complicate things ;), how about: 1. Planetary rings . Good to have for gas giants, but also pretty amazing for rocky planets. Imagine looking up and seeing that. 2. Multiple stars per system. Having close and far companions of different spectral classes could create ...

LTP v1.1: Accepting Screenshot Fires Weapon

LTP v1.1

After taking a screenshot in space, clicking "Accept" with the LMB fires a shot. (Presumably clicking the other button in the screenshot dialog would do the same thing.)

Not a serious problem now, but potentially unhealthy if there are ever non-hostiles that object to getting shot.

LTP v1.1: Cauchy's Tachyon Rail Weapon

Is Cauchy's Tachyon Rail weapon not supposed to have a reloadable magazine? The stats in the Ship Viewer for this weapon show no magazine size or reload time. And the weapon schematic (lower left icons) doesn't show a load count above the icon for this weapon. Unmounting and remounting it didn't cha...

LTP v1.1: Two Buy Entries of Same Type

LTP v1.1:

Two items of the same name (Gauss's Novacannon) were displayed in the Buy window. Same price, same stats, but two separate entries. (Although each had a different number of that item available -- one had 11, the other had 6.)
Duplicate Buy window items
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