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Re: Economy and Crafting?

I think that has to be included otherwise there would be no smuggling missions! :twisted: Trading in illicit goods will always be more profitable but then you trade this off against risk, either getting blown up or having your ship impounded until you pay your fine. Or you end up having your ship ta...

Re: Planet development?

When a planet colony reaches a certain level of development it could start reaching out to other planets and moons in the same star system, setting up other colonies or just expeditions. Perhaps not space stations though as they would probably still be trying to tame their own world.

Re: Scale

(Yeah, I'm familiar with "real" physics and know there are no speed limits in space and all that jazz Apart from that big one of course! ;-) Realistically, you'd use AKV (autonomous kill vehicles) and computer calculated firing solutions, which makes space combat boil down to "Let the computer do i...

Re: Scale

Power drain from weapons could, or perhaps should, depend on their type. For instance, energy weapons would drain more power than a slug thrower of some kind, with hybrids like rail guns in-between.

Re: Damage to Ships

Hi Gazz, Nice to see a fellow X'er. Repairs could be carried out by crew. Presumably this is going to be included at some point as most of the ships we are likely to be piloting will be too big for a single person. This would include other aspects such as life support at hiring staff to perform diff...

Re: Artifacts

There should be a random chance that a found artifact was booby trapped. Once disturbed it sets off a beacon that attracts nearby aliens. Having them as the only truly alien race, and all the other factions parts of humanity.

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