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Re: A concern about $... interested in your thoughts

His silence began with the release of No Man's Sky, so hopefully the massive negative backlash against that game didn't affect his confidence, given that his game is quite similar. Similar in that they both use procedural generation? I think that is where the similarity ends. I mean, they both have...

Re: Refund request

Yes, it was great to see those YT videos too with the latest updates shown off in detail. I still remember the iterations of the scanner and that really cool interface that showed ship systems etc. The layout that looks like Fern leaves was beautiful!

Re: Refund request

He was last online nearly a month ago now. To be fair I would rather he spend time on the game than read the forums here at this point. I've effectively put this game in the same box that Cube World is in. Similar situation too funnily enough, one release years ago and then nothing. Hopefully someth...

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