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Re: Intro cutscene

Etsu wrote:Wait! Where is the Kraken in that cutscene? A space game without a Kraken is not realistic enough for me. :thumbdown:

Y'know, that's why the 'Newtonian Mode' option (in the Config Screen, inside the Gameplay tab), is going to be simply called "Add Kraken to game".
I lol'd. :P

Re: If you know how to draw, tell me where to start...

DWMagus wrote:Great pic. Although, my only criticism is the character's crotch. There's just something about it that looks weird...

...either that or it's my perverted mind liking to stare at crotches. I can't figure that one out either.
*fesses up* ...okay, I noticed the same thing. :(

Re: Anti-Theft?

I bought Spore one year at Christmas for my brother... he never even got to play it until very recently. First off, it wouldn't let you install it unless you were online, and our computer didn't have Internet access. Second, even after we did have Internet access for it (briefly, for this purpose), ...

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