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Re: LT update anticipation thread

Oh, this is awesome. :) I really hope he gets the buying stuff done in time. Going down to a colony (and seeing the new visuals) is going to be SO nice to see, especially with the new ship algorithms. Let's hope for another ship-rich update like #16. This could be amazing. And the imposters done! :D...

Re: Nested

Nice, guys, I tried to play that cookie thing and it crashed my display adapter. :lol: my entire screen went all wonky for a bit, and then went completely black. I was probably fortunate it restarted itself. :P

Re: NPC relationships

regardless... now that modding is an option, someone out there will invent something absolutely amazing. I think that's the whole reason Josh decided to implement modding capabilities in the first place, while he was against it before - he knows it'll cut down on development time.

Re: Where Are You From!?

Zanteogo wrote:
Far East (China, Japan, Korea(North or South) 0
No one here is from any of these countries? (and has voted anyhow) South Korea and Japan has a massive gaming market that limit theory needs to break into!
LT probably isn't "kawaii" enough... which I'm fine with. :lol:

Re: Nested

I found an early stone age settlement. Was pretty cool. :) And a library on a modern-age planet with a book on a bookshelf called "Living with Jennifer, the Bald Pervert" among other wonderful titles. And a sculpture. "A sculpture of a scary cookie and a horse in moonlight. The cookie is stalking th...

Re: LT update anticipation thread

I've actually anticipated this update much less than the last 4 (I didn't know LT existed before that) I've been play Divinity Original Sin in my free time which has helped take my mind of this. To be honest I for some reason don't expect a ton from this update. New ship algorithms, almost everythi...

Re: LT update anticipation thread

Hey guys...haven't started recording yet, so I'm gonna need to get ahead and say that I need the extra day . It'll be worth it: I'm on fire right now!! :D :geek: :geek: D: noooooooo aw, fine. :P I'll be interested to see what you've cooked up. :) Hopefully you're working on the colony visuals or sh...

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