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Re: Backer or not?

Hyperion wrote:
DWMagus wrote:
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You. Are. Not. Kind.
Nay, he was merely posting a picture of himself. I think that's his good side, too. The camera certainly loves him. (I think I do too, for that matter. That's definitely quite the delicious photo. :D)

Re: Dwarf Fortress?

Here is the world activation release! Lots of processes from world generation -- birth, invasions, succession, site foundation, and so on -- now operate in the world after play has begun. Getting all of that to work led to a meandering route through various pieces of the game, some of which are des...

Re: Shadows

That's pretty much how I figured it would work, yeah. :D I was assuming a cylinder rather than a cone, but cones make more sense. Implementing planet-only shadows would be easy, and the visual rewards would be huge.

Ships wouldn't be so easy. That'd take a little more computing.

Re: Adaptive Tearing and Cracking of Thin Sheets

So much awesome. D: However, this will never make it into LT2, unless Mr. Parnell delays production for 10+ years. The reason is simple. These are not real-time renders. These were done frame-by-frame, and likely took far longer to produce than any game could handle. Something like this just isn't f...

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