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Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

Beginning to end, the lack of transparency and forthcoming in this project is an enormous disappointment. Simply put, this is false. Josh has been far, far more transparent than the great majority of video game developers - even if we entirely exclude anything made by AAA companies. Tunic , for ins...

Re: Grimoire

An exciting update filled with drama! Less about the game this time (other than the fact that Grimoire is apparently built at least partially with stolen code) and more about the toxic attitude and personality of the developer.

Thanks to Hyperion for finding this.

Re: Fallout 4

That's sad to think about. Although, if you think about it, it's only been seven years since Skyrim was released (just a week off that anniversary!). Skyrim was announced only eleven months before release. Fallout 4 was announced only six months before release. I find it unlikely that Bethesda would...

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