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Re: Nervous

HappyGhecko wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:13 am
The quick derailing of this topic makes me nervous :angel: .

(The links are quite interesting though.)
Threads get derailed quickly because there is nothing else to talk about here. The latest devlog has devolved into people rhyming words with "kill". :)

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

This entire last AAR is a great example of what operational-strategic thinking looks like in a space game. The cool part is not just that you're doing it, Scytale, but that the game actually is designed to allow you -- maybe even require you -- to function at that level in order to survive and expa...

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

Thanks very much for this. The first few times I tried playing this game I couldn't figure out why I couldn't just (a) build a mining station on literally every planet, and (b) colonize every conceivable world. The costs of doing these things were not apparent. Here is how I understand it at the mo...

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

Cheers Tycow, I'm learning to appreciate the underlying ideas of the game, even through the at-first seemingly impenetrable operating mechanics and UI, and I feel like in that sense the game is able to handle the scope it projects. Of course, my opinion about this may change if I suddenly get conqu...

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

Great AAR Scytale, really enjoying it. It's a great game. 😁 Given that this game almost never goes on sale, and when it does it's still $30, I'm still trying to figure out if I want to shell out for it. Thanks for posting this. You need to keep an eye on this thread:

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