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Re: Factorio

[..] wondering if you're going to start making self-expanding factories soon. :ghost: Uh, don't hold your breath. I'd prefer to do that to the extent that it's possible without the using mods to circumvent blueprint limitations. Complex problem. But for this factory it will be necessary to come up ...

Re: Factorio

I made my first ever 'smart' outpost! :D 3 deciders (reducing coal readings to a binary is there any coal? ), 2 XORs, and an OR that will hopefully do my bidding. I haven't put it to the test yet. The train stops are supposed to turn off as the relevant miners run dry, with the two lower priority on...

Re: Rocket Lunches

Future tense lunch aspirations: Updated SpaceX Grand Plan . Elon also provided some new BFR detail and concept art. Initial Mars Mission Goals 2022: Cargo Missions Land at least 2 cargo ships on Mars Confirm water resources and identify hazards Place power, mining, and life support infrastructure fo...

Re: Movies!

Any thoughts on the Tomb Raider trailer? I love the game franchise reboot, and this appears to be a live-action translation of that.
I'm OK with the casting.
What I'm worried about based on the trailer is the overall quality of the script, special effects and stunts, and cinematography.

Re: Factorio

[..] my first thought would've been to build a circular track that would move an item into a box every time you passed a certain point, and then just count the items in the box. Oh. That could work. It didn't occur to me. :( Indeed, an indefinite rail loop (ie. a train hamster wheel that will keep ...

Re: No Man's Sky

Patch 1.37 at long last addressed my mouse & keyboard cockpit look gripe. Because it's been added! And it sounds like mouse-controlled flight is going to feel a lot better, as it's now properly cursor based and no longer attempting to emulate thumb-stick input. Also supposedly freighters have been m...

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