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Re: Stellaris

I like the raids and would actually prefer if they spawned a little more for me. My ethos is Fanatic Pacifist (and I'm loathe to reform) and I have reasonably obliging and amiable neighbours, so it's either ornery space fauna (extinct now, but that was a fun little early game mini-crisis) or pirates...

Re: Stellaris

I've reached the point in the game wherein all my original leaders are dying of old age (I went with Harmony, so they're all centennials). Very sad, especially in the case the High King, who was well loved, generally benevolent, and led a popular faction for decades. :cry: His successors have been u...

Re: Stellaris

Oooh, that's a shiny trailer. :D Do we get planetbusters now? That would be awesome and horrifying. Yes. That and planet snow-globe-ifiers, and a few other variants. Wielded by the new Colossus ship class. :ghost: From the Rock Paper Shotgun article : As Paradox explained in a recent dev blog, ther...



A Dwarf Fortress inspired space station sim. :squirrel:

They've made a demo available; it's just a rough map editor thing, but the art and animations are really cool! Lots of assets to check out too.

Re: UnReal World

My Deadmeat mk II character, DottKott, has made much better headway. By the end of the second week of her adventures (mainly consisting of marathon hiking along the north shore of a river system in Sartola), I had thought surely a Don't Starve-ish end of bleak freezing-starvation was imminent. After...

Re: Rocket Lunches

It's from a related stream mishap involving a very loud restaurant ad. edit: Elon confirmed the center core landing failed catastrophically due to a propellant deficit engine ignition failure on the landing burn. The droneship took some damage too (if I heard correctly, audio was bad for the initial...

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