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Re: Player tipping point

Afaik its the current idea that the generation of new parts of the universe is agnostic of the current state of the player and only dependent on the seed of the universe. You are nothing special, just another "npc" in the world that does his own thing. The ai's can decide that you are posing a threa...

Re: An alternate suggestion to power distribution modes.

I, personall, never thought of fleet-wide energy management. I can ask my AI pilots to know how to utilise their ships and manage their energy accordingly.
The only energy the player had to fiddle around would be his own, with the exception of "hardcoded" orders as silent running and get battle ready.

Re: Hearing "Deferred render" makes me scared. Josh, please.

Either josh will adapt his RSAA (really simple AA) or adapt or ditch the shaders.
Josh is a graphics programmer and the only guy who has a say, the graphics squirrel will torture him until AA and some good lighting are in the game.

Do not fear acolythe! The master will make it good !

Re: Free Camera mode

real game play? :think: That was real gameplay, and the command interface has been planned and implemented since the first few months of development. To be fair, that was real gameplay, but it was from the LT prototype. We haven't actually heard from Josh about possible limitations of the command i...

Re: Free Camera mode

Sorry, at the time of that posting I had been awake for about 30 minutes with no bad...I wasn't really paying attention to what I was writing. I know the command interface is going to be implemented and the such, I just forgot that you could switch from the holo view...which is awesome....

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