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Re: Planets?!

DWMagus wrote:I'm sure we'll see more once Graphics Josh cages Coding Josh for a week. ;)
"I will kill you! Just like i killed the intellectual homer!"

I wonder where this simpsons zitate came from?

Re: An alternate suggestion to power distribution modes.

Well, that way.... I must habe been an victim of selective understanding and shut down on the notion of batteries and allocating energy by using the throttle ^^ (dont expect an apologise here, thats the closest you'll get xP) BUT i still think that it would not fit in nicely, at least with big ships...

Re: An alternate suggestion to power distribution modes.

You think in a different way than me about the power distribution. The power settings is the reservation of energy for the system, not the actual power currently sent there. If you pay for a hotel suite and not go there still nobody else will get that room because its reserved for you, even if you d...

Re: Systems? What're those? Define "System!"

Well... in general "system" only mean that arbitary box the universe is parcelled into. Its only the "usual case" that a system means a star system with a hot ball of plasma in the middle and balls of rock, dirt and gass around. I am confident josh will create the possibilities for many, many differ...

Re: An alternate suggestion to power distribution modes.

It would probably be even less micromanagement, since with simple rules, their behavior will automatically change depending on how much power they have. If you've ordered a ship to use 50% throttle to conserve power for shields and weapons, but there is also a simple rule that you can use 100% engi...

Re: Player tipping point

Afaik its the current idea that the generation of new parts of the universe is agnostic of the current state of the player and only dependent on the seed of the universe. You are nothing special, just another "npc" in the world that does his own thing. The ai's can decide that you are posing a threa...

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