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Welder Language

Hello People of the internet!
It has been aware to me that Josh had created a language for procedural Geometry, I would like to know if this will ever be released to the public as a library or an independent language using its own SDK and IDE?


Re: Textures

Programs writing programs? How perverse. well,there is a problem with that,one of my teachers worked on a project for that,but ran into something called the framing problem or something along that sort, where to tell a computer a problem you need to tell it everything about that problem and so you ...


So I have some technical questions about how things are generated into the game, I am not a noob at coding, I've been coding for 6-7 years now, and I know what I am doing. I mainly program in java and i assume that this game is in C++. First question, what libs are being used, like OGL or GLUT. Seco...

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