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Re: Dynamic Destruction

Returning to this post for a sec, say, perhaps, that we reduce the problem of having to render billions of small sections of seared-off plating in a battle by keeping the small damage as particle effects and the really big damage as actual broken bits (for example, slicing a ship in half would make ...

Re: Faction Shipyards (including your faction)

Oh this also means that you could, to a certain extent, customize your own ship by selecting characteristics in a shipyard and producing that ship, so, while still procedural, you still get a ship that YOU have chosen the looks and type and style of. Also there could be a sort of bookmark system so ...

Faction Shipyards (including your faction)

I have a good idea for how ships for factions might be selected and produced, including yours. So, here it is. Obviously, if every faction has the same ship types and looks, then the universe will lose its appeal. So, to prevent that, each faction will create its own custom ships. The idea is to hav...

Re: Post Your Favorite Sci-Fi Concept Art

I think the title says it sci-fi concept art that you like! From (my absolute favorite source of ship inspiration):

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