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Re: Easter eggs

nickgreyden wrote:Wow! Normally I'm the old guy on forums and stuff. You folks have me beat by a decade at least. FINALLY I'M THE KID!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!
:lol: Savour the moment Nick. You could try the Elite forums, I am sure you will find a few older than you. :)


TanC wrote:Well, I'm pretty sure it's labor-intensive to use that engine. So much manual labor!

Rest easy knowing you're building an efficient and self-generating engine, which is in a separate category on it's own.
We don't want Josh resting easy! He has much too much work to complete. :)

Re: Music!

Victor T, I know you said you didn't like rap, and traditionally neither do I, but Seth Sentry has a slow style (see his songs Waitress or Float Away), and you can tell he is a total gamer/nerd if you listen to his songs like Dear Science, or Where Was You - which is best described as "Shaun of the...

Re: Music!

Music? I've heard some of that, I guess. I haven't posted in this thread yet, so I'll try to give you a rundown of my favourite bands, and maybe link you to the songs that made me fall in love with them. In my experience, just being told to check out a band isn't enough - you need a gateway song or...

Re: Music!

This thread seems to have gathered a lot of undeserved dust. Has everyone stopped listening to music? Is there no new music being composed? Are there gems that you would like to recommend? I have diverse tastes in music and can honestly say I will give most music a fair hearing. Being of the older g...

Re: Easter eggs

Or if you're an old fart like me, the Fireball XL5. : I am of your generation Gunther and, being a bit sad, I have been a Gerry Anderson fan since Supercar. I can think of many spaceships from the various series ...

Re: Quantum Mechanics

I am already beginning to have withdrawal symptoms Josh. I miss your rambles on quantum mechanics in the Dev Logs. I was thinking that you could probably spice it up a bit by doing it in your medieval story telling mode. A few jokes would also be beneficial. I am sure it would be thrilling and a rea...

Re: Easter eggs

Slymodi wrote:I'm just sitting here waiting for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who...

Oh yes Sly! It has had its ups and downs but it is now hard wired into my brain circuits. Saturday, early evening on the BBC, was reserved for Dr Who. The good Doctor has entertained me through many years. :)

Re: How many Kickstarters have you backed?

The problem is with all these additional ships and other goodies I am now several ranks above my initial pledge level (I suspect most of us are :lol: ). Not sure where it will end. :oops: I've been good! I'm still at my original pledge level. (The trick is managing the amount of attention you're pa...

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