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Re: Hugeee scales

Right, it's the "Freelancer" model ;) No, the galaxy is not properly structured, it's structured to be "interesting," again, like Freelancer (or EVE) :) I admit I was a bit confused at first Josh. I knew I had seen the model used somewhere before. Now you tell us it's the Freelancer model and the h...

Re: Eterium

Geraldine wrote:I backed this, glad to see it made it over the line. :)
Thank you Geraldine for being there. :) I was so happy to see so many Elite backers. Synchromesh was right when he said they made all the difference.

Re: Eterium

JoshParnell wrote:Not sure why this isn't getting more attention? Looks good to me - I'm behind it!

Down to the wire here though... :shock:
Thanks for your support Josh. :D The project has just made its goal but we are waiting for the clock to hit zero.

Thank you to anyone here who supported the project. :clap:

Re: Eterium

Down to the last six hours plus change and just over 3000 dollars before funding is achieved. So a plea to all those who enjoyed early Wing Commander games but want up to date graphics and effects. Please do consider backing this quality project. The downloadable game will cost you 15 dollars and yo...

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