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Re: Star Citizen

Today I received an e-mail confirmation that my "VIP - Wing Commander - Booklet & Card" has finally shipped from China. Digital stuff like the Golden Ticket is great but I'm more appreciative of the physical stuff. :D :angel:

And I didn't even have to pay postage. *chuckle*

Re: Oolite

Cody wrote:
Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:47 am
If you're a virgin Jameson, you probably don't want Skilled NPCs or Green Gecko installed - they can be harsh!
Thanks for the heads up, Cody. I used to be Elite Jameson some years ago in the original Elite game but I've never done much more than install an early version of Oolite. :angel:

Re: Oolite

Not one of my pics, but the ship and nebulae are definitely mods. Mind you, the core ships are very similar, but lack shadery goodness. Core planets have been revamped though - see here. So tell me what I need to get the best out of the game, wise Oolite man? The links to the most glorious game mod...

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