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Re: Fallout 76

Good news: Bethesda has dropped a teaser trailer for their new game, Fallout 76 . :thumbup: Bad news: It's an online survival RPG . :thumbdown: Sorry, Victor: still no sign of the new TES game we're all waiting for.... I don't have to tell you of my total lack of interest in this game, Flat. :( I'm...

Re: Random

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Mon May 21, 2018 4:42 am
Contrary to popular belief germanic people fo habe humor :P
I actually heard you laughing once, Cornflakes. It was in that video you posted of your ship exploding on a docking platform in SC.

I replayed it many times that day. Classic stuff and very funny! :D :angel:

Re: The other side of exploration and the same kind of different destroying the sense of wonder

I don't think procedurally generating star systems is the most important feature for delivering the "be what you want" experience described in the Kickstarter. I've always wanted to continue my roleplay of Edison Trent in a universe that is not too dissimilar to that shown in Freelancer. I have yet...

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