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Re: Fallout 76

Thank you for posting this video, ColdSpiral. I'm not at all interested in Fallout 76 but there was some useful content in the interview which gave more information about those future Bethesda games I am interested in. :thumbup: :D

I hope you get what you want from Fallout 76. :angel:

Re: Starfield

Is "Spacerim" planned to be a Freelancer-like game, where you can fly from place to place to shoot things (ships), trade things for better gear (bigger ships, better weapons/engines/etc.) I do hope so, Flat. :) Maybe Bethesda can fill the hole BioWare has left for a space sci-fi adventure. A well w...

Re: Fallout 76

Good news: Bethesda has dropped a teaser trailer for their new game, Fallout 76 . :thumbup: Bad news: It's an online survival RPG . :thumbdown: Sorry, Victor: still no sign of the new TES game we're all waiting for.... I don't have to tell you of my total lack of interest in this game, Flat. :( I'm...

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