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Re: The End

Akarius Trent wrote:
Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:43 am
That said, the wonder of crowd funding is that each person can donate a small amount of money, and together we can amass enough funds to do something.
If only humanity understood this concept on a larger scale, our solar system wouldn't be a limit!
Ain't that called taxes? :ghost:

Re: The End

the entire project was a financial mistake. Josh should have been planned to start a studio with at least 2-3 employees right from the beginning and ask for a $1m so he can focus on the engine and employees take care of the gameplay or vice-versa. 1 person developing the entire engine from the grou...

Re: The End

The only thing I don't understand, why Josh was developing a custom engines from scratch? There are so many engines and frameworks out there that could have been perfect. Unity Unreal Godot MonoGame Urho3D UrhoSharp NeoAxis CryEngine Xenko I may be wrong, but I got the impression that existing, pub...

Re: REKT: The Conference Room

(( look I know mispronouncing her name is everyone's favorite passtime, but you can only really do that if you're trying to read it, it's not actually hard to pronounce when you just hear it :P )) ((Try the more plausible /ʃirʃa/ or /sirsa/, or perhaps /sərʃə/ for those who never learned how to vow...

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