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Re: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I have the first Rebel Galaxy that I got for free on gog for some reason, but never got around to installing it. :V I do have to say though... the combat here is very fast paced, based on that video. o.O Reminds me of using the Shivan ship in Freespace 2. This game looks awesome, though I doubt I co...

Re: Buy real European documents, Buy original US passport, Buy registered IELTS certificate

I'm rather amused by the fact that you can buy a "baptism certificate". It's like the ultimate fake. I swear I was baptised see, here's the certificate! I must ask what situation someone would ask for your baptism certificate? * cracks knuckles * When you want to receive the Sacrament of Confirmati...

Re: CyberPunk 2077

Watched the gameplay video. Looks like a fun game. :) I don't play many FPS games so likely I would royally stink, but maybe sometime in the future I might give the game a shot. I am slightly astonished at all the hype though... sure there's a lot of extremely cool stuff (coolest of which are the cr...

Re: Oolite

And beware: most games have some sort of paddling-pool-and-water-wings beginning to ease you in. Oolite takes the rather more Darwinian approach of heaving you straight into the ocean, often with a brick or two in your pockets for luck! Good, that's what I'm used to. :3 Some of these newer games bo...

Re: Oolite

O.O Wow, that looks pretty good! I ran through the screenshots thread linked earlier and Oolite is nowhere near as ugly as I was expecting. It looks like Elite Dangerous with the graphics around medium, actually.

Maybe I should try it sometime. Does it work in Linux, by any chance?

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