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Re: Books!

i can´t even sort them in any proper way because I have to store them in Rows behind each over to fit them all. For starters I´ve wrote a catalogue with Microsoft Excel... You know your book collection is getting to be a decent size when you need some kind of cataloguing system for them. :) <snip> ...

Re: 2 Things

DW has probably been the most active moderator lately, probably why he seems to be Johnny-on-the-spot lately. The vulture characterisation is a little harsh, though. As for Josh, he hasn't needed to close anything since he's been back. But I guess that's part of what we (the moderators) are here fo...

Re: 2 Things

:think: I still try to be optimistic and polite... which probably helps. :) I noticed DW has been busy again. He's like a vulture waiting to pounce on those who dare to infringe the terms and conditions of these hallowed LT forum threads. *chuckle* The sign of a good moderator no doubt. I was think...

Re: Transistor

I finally got around to playing through Transistor recently.

I didn't like the combat system as much as I did with Bastion, but the soundtrack is equally awesome, and the story is SGG's trademark level of fantastic.

And that ending... Man, right in the feels!

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