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Re: scuttling ships/stations disbanding colonies

jonathanredden: That assumes that ships just go *poof* when they reach 0 HP, though. Which is unlikely from all the wrecks we saw throughout the devlog videos over the time. And those are very likely to be salvageable judging from that they exist at all. Im pretty sure josh commented on that at som...

Re: Sol Trader

Got to play a couple of hours last night, and am really enjoying it so far - and I haven't even got to space yet! (by choice, you can skip ahead to space if you want) So far I've been having all my fun with the extensive relationships system. :thumbup: I'll report back once I've put a few more hours...

Re: warp nodes

Intercepting a warp rail wouldn't be an extremely easy process. Besides, Hyperion has a good point. Explosive cargo. Place timed bomb on cargo, if it doesn't reach destination within that time it explodes and takes half the ship with it. I know there are no traffic jams in space, but that doesn't m...

Re: warp nodes

The November 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread I agree thoroughly on a philosophical level with both of you. I'm concerned whether it's actually implemented that way. Yes, warp rails absolutely need to be buildable, else AI expansion into new territory is seriously hamstrung. I talked a month or two ag...

Re: Terraria.

Charley_Deallus wrote:What kind of awesome are we talking about? I have been on the fence about Terraria for a year.
There's a fair bit of content. I put approx 250 hrs in before I got bored/saw just about everything.

Pretty good value for what they're charging, IMO.

Re: Beta Plan

<snip ... on the subject of ... oracular expressions. "If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago." Guess where that is from!! If I had to guess (without looking anything up), I would have to say that sounds an awful lot like The Sphinx from Mystery Me...

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