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Re: Dynamic Asteroids

I think rotation sounds like a reasonable compromise.

But instead of every tenth, maybe the ones within a certain range all rotate slowly, and distant ones appear to be static. That way you don't have this one goofball asteroid spinning around while all the ones around it are static.

Re: Dynamic Asteroids

Freelancer does something like this, where most of the asteroids in the fields are static, but as you fly through it, little mini-asteroids float around, and appear/disappear from view. The mini-asteroids were really only for mining, though, so I can imagine that you have in mind to make a larger nu...

Re: Dynamic Asteroids

The processing power required to manage a dynamic asteroid field/belt might make systems with large fields (or many small ones, or a system-encompassing one) would probably make such regions of space unplayable due to lag. And even then, no, it wouldn't be like riding a bike in a pack of panicking e...

Re: Death

rickisen wrote:I really like this Idea with having Recruit-Admiral difficulties and having them affect "death".
I'd probably remove the "trainee" level though. It's too much alike the "officer" level.
Maybe add a -10% penalty to your bank account as well? I dunno. Just a brainstorm.

Re: Planetery ownership

Well, I doubt the game would be in real-time. The scale I'd hazard a guess at would be 1 Real Hour = 1 Game Week, because you're in space and it takes time to go places. But then if you get into some ridiculous hour-long NPC fleet battle, then it might be odd to call it a week. But then again, "spac...

Re: Death

What if we handled this by difficulty? Recruit = If you die, you respawn at the last base or planet you visited. All of your equipment and items remain. Trainee = If you die, you respawn at the last base or planet you visited with the same equipment as you had when you died, but any ammunition and i...

Re: Dynamic Asteroids

Besides, why should traveling through an asteroid field be anywhere close to "safe"? Why shouldn't it? In reality, the larger asteroids are several kilometers apart. Space is big, and thus the things in it and the gaps between those things are also big. Besides, think of it like riding a mountain b...

Re: Regarding Placenames

It would be possible to program phonotactical rules, I guess. You'd start with a repository of letters, like the Latin alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z And then you assign each of those letters a classification. Vowels: A, E, I, O, U, (Y) Plosives: P, T, K (C), B, D, G S...

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