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Re: Star Citizen

Here's the Gamescon footage from a few days ago. It's a pretty hackneyed mission, but there's a lot of cool tech in the vid. Here's the thing: They've promised 100 fleshed out systems, and while what they've done so far looks great, they have yet to finish even one system .

Re: Star Citizen

Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I'll follow TGS's advice and hold off at least until the update. It'd be nice to be able to get a better idea of where SC is going before buying. Hey, hey, hey! We need you to drop a couple grand on ships now so Chris will have enough cash to finish the game!

Re: Weapons

Since this is largely a procedural game, one thing I'd like to see is procedural weapons. So any time you go weapon shopping, or scavenge off derelicts, you have the chance to analyze a weapon to see if it is something better than what you have. Stats like range, damage, accuracy, rate of fire, etc....

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