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Re: trading system idea

The only way I can see a trade be relatively easy to conduct - WITHOUT a currency or single agreed on trade item - is when large markets conduct trade and exchange many goods and services in one batch. This could be for example a "trade caravan" that carries many goods (or skilled workers offering ...

Re: REKT: Art Thread

Black--Snow wrote:
Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:43 pm
So 2k<x>1k.
That is horrendous. You are saying that both x and 1k are bigger than 2k, while both 2k and x are bigger than 1k. Don't do that.

The formatting you are looking for is:

1k < x < 2k

or more likely:

1k <= x < 2k

as you're talking about a four-digit number starting with a 1.

Re: Communications Gameplay in Limit Theory

Voice-to-text, text compresses to about 1byte per word in english. Then text-to-voice on the other side. Allows voice and text communication. Text does not compress to one byte per word in English. That would imply there are only 256 words in the English language. And what you have now is a method ...

Re: Steam Achievements

I don't care either way about Achievements, but I'd like to note one thing I did deliberately because of the Achievements: Sonic 3 on the Xbox 360 has, like all XBLA games released at that time, 12 Achievements. Four of them are given for completing Hydrocity Zone (the second level), Marble Garden Z...

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