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Re: Stellaris

Ironman, and mods that don't impact gameplay (well, technically the hash)
Thats the requirements for Achievements, you can set all the other settings to anything, including 0 enemies, and 0.25x research. :V
Great options for achievement hunting.

Re: Stellaris

Also the game tries to assign AI races near you so that you always start out with diplomatic options fairly early.

Have a look through the mods, there are a lot that fix things like this.

Re: Stellaris

Admin Capacity happens over time mostly through Society Research, dont bother with the ascension perk for it. Population grows automatically over time, you can set food policy to Extra food, for a marked increase in food consumption, but an increase in Pop Growth and Organic Happiness. You can targe...

Re: Stellaris

Example 1: In the Shipyard window, I keep clicking on the list of possible ships over in the rightmost column, thinking that's how to display detailed functional information about those ships... except that doing this, with no "are you sure?" dialog popped up, instantly deducts resources and adds t...

Re: Stellaris

Gunther Haldan wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 5:12 pm
I'm still playing Niven 2.1.3 (42f6). I don't like the new economic model.
The new economy synergises well with the new space travel models. Both being slower makes for a bit more of a deliberate game.
Which helps to force the players into smaller fleets, instead of death stacks.

Re: Stellaris

Small maps are a good way to start yes, as is leaving research at 1x, you might think that'd be helpful being lower, but it tends to cause more issues with your stability than anything. Also don't build every resource harvester you can immediately, and leave planets until they have only 1-2 free job...

Re: Skyrim

CPU matters surprisingly little now as more and more power is added to GPUs, compute shaders as an example, allow massively parallel work to be offloaded from the CPU.
(God I love Compute Shaders)

Re: Random

So, in February of this year, I got diagnosed with Diabetes. What has been a rollercoaster ride of fearing food (!Yup, I was afraid to eat!), ending up with fatigue and exhaustion (from not eating correctly), achieving my first ever swim of 1km! Now I'm able to wear clothes from 18 months ago, and ...

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